Things you didn’t know about the new First Family

Donald will be the first president to have divorced twice


Before Donald Trump became president-elect, only one other president ever had ever gotten divorced: Ronald Reagan, who divorced his first wife, actress Jane Wyman, in 1949 before marrying Nancy Davis in 1952. Interestingly enough: Donald Trump is the first president to ever have been divorced twice.

Trump’s first divorce, from wife Ivanka Trump, made national headlines, due in part because he allegedly cheated on Ivanka with his eventual second wife, Marla Maples. Given their tabloid beginnings, it should surprise no one that Donald’s marriage to Maples was equally scandalous, especially when they decided to split in mid-1997 after about four years of marriage. According to People magazine, Maples received $2 million in her divorce settlement, which had been agreed to in their prenup. As for Ivanka? She reportedly walked away with a jaw-dropping $25 million-plus settlement, People reported.

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